How To: This Coding Class Bundle Will Make You a Pro for Only $45

This Coding Class Bundle Will Make You a Pro for Only $45

If it's always been your dream to work for a large company as an app developer, there's never been a better time to consider the field than right now — especially with companies like Apple staffing up in this department. It feels like everywhere you turn, companies are starting to move in this forward-thinking direction.

Whether you're already in the field or considering a career pivot, The Complete Mobile & App Development Bundle can help you learn more and hone your skills so that you're more employable. Right now, as part of a site-wide Mother's Day promotion, this class bundle is on sale for $35.99, down from $1,791 when you use the code WELOVEMOM. These classes will teach you how to program and design apps for iOS and Android over the course of 576 lessons and 71 hours.

The first course in the series will walk you through Swift 5, which will allow you to create apps for the most up-to-date iOS programs. Aimed at beginners, this course will walk you through routing, storyboard designs, and running simulators through videos that make it all easy to understand. You will actually create apps that you can use for your portfolio going forward.

In addition to Swift 5, you'll also learn coding languages like Java, React Native, Git, and more. You will also learn about fragment and fragment operations regarding Android development, which will set you up with a base-level knowledge that you can build on for years to come. You'll also learn useful tools like how to develop games with Android Studio, as well as the best methods of working with external databases.

No matter what app development area you're interested in learning more about, these classes have you covered. The videos are available around the clock, so you can really put the classes to use at a time that works best for you. Now is the time to make the jump while The Complete Mobile & App Development Bundle is an extra 20% off at $35.99 with code WELOVEMOM.

Prices subject to change.

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