How To: Charge Up Anywhere with This Compact Solar Power Generator

Charge Up Anywhere with This Compact Solar Power Generator

As sheltering at home orders ease up, we still have to remain respectful of social distancing. Camping is one of your best options. You'll avoid the crowded beaches and trails while still soaking up nature. Right now we can all use some fresh air and sunshine.

The last thing you want is to set up camp and realize your lamp or devices are out of charge. NTONPOWER Portable Power Station is the perfect solution for keeping everything juiced up wherever you may roam.

This power station is small and powerful. It features 155Wh (42,000mAh) of power, a standard 3-prong wall plug outlet (to charge before you head out), built-in USB ports, solar panel power compatibility (for charging wherever the sun shines), and an emergency light.

The generator charges smartphones up to 15 times, GoPros up to 30 times, and your laptop three times on a single charge. It's also great for charging tablets, headphones, car chargers, monitors—whatever plugs into a DC or USB port.

Even better, this power station is quiet. You won't even notice it running as the crackling campfire echoes into the night. The Battery Management System (BMS) features voltage and temperature control, as well as advanced safety operations so you don't have to worry about it overheating or pumping out too much voltage.

Pick up the NTONPOWER Portable Power Station today for just $109.99. That's a great price for peace of mind.

Price subject to change.

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