How To: Become a Master Problem Solver by Learning Data Analytics at Home

Become a Master Problem Solver by Learning Data Analytics at Home

There is so much information in the world that trying to make sense of it all can be daunting. That's where data analytics comes in. By learning how to inspect and model data, you can take large data sets and transform them into highly valuable information that can take any business further.

But where to begin? The Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle is a great place to start. Right now for just $49, you can get a five-course bundle that spans 74 lessons that will help you become a master problem-solver while giving you in-demand data interpretation skills.

The Introduction to Data Analytics Training Course jumpstarts your new skillset through insights into applying data analytics into your business. You'll learn data visualization and data science methodologies that will turn you into an expert business leader.

Tableau Desktop 10 is one of the world's leading tools for data visualization and business intelligence. With the Tableau Certification Training Course you'll be prepared to take the Qualified Associate exam with everything you need to know about statistics, data mapping, and establishing data connections.

One of the most useful languages to learn on this track is Python, which is why the Data Science with Python Training Course will be such a powerful addition to your data toolkit. And when you think of data, Excel is generally the first software to come to mind. Forget boring spreadsheets, the Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel will reacquaint you with this powerful program.

This bundle is then rounded out with the MongoDB Developer & Administrator Certification Training, which will thoroughly prepare you to master data modeling, ingestion, and replication. By the end of this course, your entire world will open up with new possibilities in data science.

The Data Analytics Expert Certification Bundle is on sale today for just $49, over 90% off the list price.

Price subject to change.

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